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ancient nerds

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Stereotypical MBTI in fiction: a Summary

  • INTJ: The quiet person who sits in the corner and glares. Probably doesn't know how to smile. Or flirt. Might kill people
  • INFJ: The nervous overly tidy dependable person, alternatively the quiet wise person, alternatively the one that yells a lot.
  • ISFJ: The good one. The 'group mom', usually. Very loyal and cautious. Might be overprotective.
  • ISTJ: The protector. Dependable, tends to focus on protecting loved ones above all. Traditional.
  • INTP: The nerd. The kind you put in their own locker. Very smart. The person who keeps talking even when everybody already stopped paying attention.
  • INFP: The good person. An idealist. Really enthusiastic about morals. Good protagonist.
  • ISFP: The artist. Very laid-back, casual and chill but also caring. Also a good protagonist.
  • ISTP: The person who's into things like vehicles. Needs to be active. The kind of person to jump on buildings or have a bow with arrows.
  • ENTJ: The perfect leader unless they're the antagonist which they quite probably are. Might also kill people. Good planners.
  • ENFJ: Very sweet people. Everybody likes them and they like everyone. Very determined. Know how to get what they want.
  • ESFJ: Usually highly value morals. Want everyone to have a good time. Family/friends oriented kinda people. You could say selfless.
  • ESTJ: Logical administrator, good planner. Might be workaholic. Probably will be. Not very good with feelings.
  • ENTP: The witty one. Probably also yells a lot. Very spontaneous. Very likely to be the greedy yet lovable halfway antagonist.
  • ENFP: Very enthusiastic and optimistic. Not a big fan of planning. Very spontaneous. Very fun. Comic relief character, sometimes.
  • ESFP: Party people. Want everyone to have a good time. Easily bored. Feel v. comfortable in a group.
  • ESTP: Good protagonist material. Might be kinda manipulative. Very casual and kind of carefree.

Anonymous said: Who are your top 3 favourite historical figures?


Alright, these are all going to end up being writers, but I’m not going to include early modern/modern writers in this, because that would double my prospects, but If you want to hear about them to, just shoot me another as and I’ll get on it

  1. Niccolò Machiavelli 
  2. Plato
  3. Epicurus 


The Animated Adventures of Buffy

Stephen Byrne, 2014 [video]

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When I’m dating a man I’m no longer bisexual

Just like when I’m at home, I’m no longer employed

Or when I’m not studying I’m no longer a student.

Mmm object impermanency 

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thebearinthecamp said: the way i do the math is actually the traits total (so, 4) times each multiplier, so 4*2*1.5*1.5*1.5, which gives you 27 instead (we don't care that much about the math, but i feel like you deserve all 27 of those gays)

Wowie zowie that’s like double the gay I had before! What’s that bank’s motto? You’re gayer than you think? Yes that should be a bank



you begin with a multiplier! depending on how much something means to you, it can multiply by different amounts. some examples of multipliers (mine) are as follows:

  • long-term partner gay (1.5)
  • polyamorous with one current partner (1.5)
  • trans (1.5)

subtotal: x3

then you…

Lets check this shit out, aiight.


  • Recovering serial monogamist gay = 1.5 gay
  • Genderqueer gay = 2 gay


  • Shetland pony gay
  • Deku scrub gay
  • Tiny baby candy corn gay
  • Sportspuck gay
  • Threatened teenager gay



I am 15 gay.

I have nothing but praise for this method of gay calculating. Now theres a fast, easy, accurate way of telling just how much of a gay I am. Thanks, Svvarm method!

I do not live in the Svwarm so my final score may be incorrect, but let’s test it out

Genderfluid gay = 2 gay
Polyamourous gay (no partners) = 1.5 gay
Utterly Pansexual Gay = 1.5 gay
Caved-And-Joined-The-GSA Gay = 1.5 gay


Rainbow sherbert gay
Spooky cupcake gay
Tiny fairy gay
Autistic Teenager gay

Subtotal 4
I am 14 gay


Hmm, this doesn’t seem to be as an effective way to counterfeit bacon as I had previously thought…


Hmm, this doesn’t seem to be as an effective way to counterfeit bacon as I had previously thought…


a lion ate his entire family because they made him feel inferior

he still feels guilty about the whole thing, but hey, at least he swallowed his pride

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